1. The DeltaCube? modeling platform gives you the ability to select West or Daikyo vial, stopper, seal components as well as add your own dimensional data into our system to compare packaging compatibility.


2. Previously theoretical data was used in decision making through stack-up analysis when choosing a CCS. You can now make decisions using actual component data through the life of the component through graphics that are continuously updated over time as data is added into the system.


3. You can view variables of percent compression and seal skirt length to evaluate the fit of the CCS. Use the radar plot and overlay for a simplified visual of the CCS with the best fit based on the variables.

Current Challenge :

You have limited time and budget to choose your vial, stopper, and seal combination. Your decision is based off of component drawing specifications alone.

Your Solution :

You determine optimal fit based on large datasets of component dimensional measurements over the life of a system.  This method leads to improved predicted fit.

The Future is here!

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By using a large component data set to ensure system fit, you can view the platform provides data across multiple types of components. You can prepares. This allows for comparison of West and Daikyo components as well as the upload of non-West data to evaluate a range of vial containment systems. Dimensional data is continuously added to drive accuracy.

Accelerate Development:

Using data from the platform enables users you to make a faster decision on the best container closure system, reducing the number of vial containment systems you need to test; therefore, accelerating drug development time.

Reduce Risk:

In better understanding component variability and the system fit, users you can reduce the chance of rework due to poor container closure integrity. Using actual data allows for more precise analysis across range of CCS materials and sizes, driving accuracy and reducing dependency on CCI testing alone.

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West can provide testing services to support container-closure system capping studies and performance as well as container closure integrity testing method development and validation according to USP <1207> and USP <382>, as well as fill-finish development support for your specific product.


What’s in the Box? A Case Study to Understand the Data Needed to Make an Informed Decision to Select Your Vial Containment System

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The whitepaper, Proactively mitigate risk to selecting your drug product vial system, discusses the importance of Container Closure Integrity (CCI) with vial systems, regulatory expectations for pharmaceutical packaging, drug recalls associated with CCI, and a QbD and data driven approach to package development and selection.

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Modeling Platform for Container Closure System Fit

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